Chef Survey

Overall, how would you rate your experience participating in Chef Meets BC Grape Okanagan?
Please rank your order.
During the planning stages leading up to the event, how organized did you feel it was?
During set up at SYLR and throughout the event, how organized did you feel it was?
In your opinion, was the value in compensation (ie. $500 food costs, travel expenses for out of town chefs) worthwhile to participate and sufficient to execute your dish?
In your opinion, the number of consumers in attendance at the event was:
Compared to other consumer events you have participated at, the quality of consumer interactions at this event was:
Which of the following features do you feel are critical to this type of consumer event. Click all that apply.
How likely are you to participate in Chef Meets BC Grape in the future?
Which marketing materials for this event did you find most useful in promoting?

Please submit your survey by August 1, 2018.