International Culinary and wine marketing Consultants

Case Studies

Below are a few examples of our past projects.


The Wines of
British Columbia

Judgment of BC

  • Concept: CMS brought legendary wine expert Steven Spurrier (of the 1976 Judgment of Paris fame) to the Okanagan Valley as a special guest for a consumer and trade dinner, trade & consumer tasting and the BC Pinot Noir Festival.

  • CMS Services: CMS managed the acquisition of Steven Spurrier, program development, chef coordination, event management, marketing and creative support.

Wines of BC Day with Wine Spectator’s Matt Kramer

  • Concept: CMS brought legendary wine writer Matt Kramer to Calgary to promote BC Wines through a variety of consumer and trade events which included an in-store retail promotion, booking signing and guest appearance, trade and media lunch, exclusive Master Class blind tasting for the trade and a consumer dinner.

  • CMS Services: CMS managed the acquisition of Matt Kramer, program development, wine coordination, menu development, event coordination, marketing and creative support.

International Awareness Program—New York, Seattle, San Francisco, China

  • Concept: CMS brought the Wines of British Columbia to New York City at the renowned James Beard House. CMS partnered with Ocean Wise and Wines of British Columbia to orchestrate a collaborative media lunch that showcased BC sustainable seafood and pairings from the Wines of BC.  The following day a media and trade tasting for Wines of BC was hosted at Terroir in Tribeca. In addition, CMS developed a series of regional dinners in partnership with the Canadian Consulate General and British Columbia Wine Institute to promote British Columbia to markets in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Seattle and San Francisco. 

  • CMS Services: CMS managed the program development, sponsor acquisition, chef coordination, menu development, marketing and creative support, export/import management of BC products.

Steven Spurrier

Steven Spurrier

Wine Spectator’s Matt Kramer

Wine Spectator’s Matt Kramer


California and New Zealand

Working with a variety of wine regions such as the California Wine Institute, the Zinfandel Associates and Producers
and the Wines of New Zealand, CMS has produced a wide variety of programming, including:


  • Trade tastings.

  • Sponsorship aquisition.

  • Chef coordination and recruitment.

  • Marketing and creative support.

  • Event management.

  • Multi-course wine pairing dinners.

  • Wine importation.

  • Menu development.

  • Social marketing management.

  • Program development.